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I've been playing games a long time. How long? Well, I have a published review in the 1st Whole Earth Software catalog on Eamon adventure games for the Apple ][ +. I've been playing Infocom games and Wizardry games and their heirs since I first started to learn to like computers. The games and reviews strictly reflect my personal taste. What you like may well be different (I do suspect, if you *love* Doom, you should get out of this page now.) Mini-reviews on this page, reviews in more depth will be linked in as they are written. I do periodically re-read and update pages, and so some things may change in both long and short reviews.

I have a page of general hints for people are new to playing adventure games. It includes tips for playing the games along with the URL for walkthroughs.

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7th Guest Brain teasers with video sequences. DOS, Mac 7th Guest is very pretty, the video sequences are interesting. Some puzzles are good, but they tend to remind you that you are playing a game. Borrow this game from a friend.
11th Hour Brain teasers with treasure hunt DOS, Mac This game may be difficult to install. Game play is disjointed with 3 distinct elements. Not recommended.
Acropolis software Desktop brain teasers. Win95 Site with downloadable demo software, nice little time-wasting brain teaser games. Recommended to at least trial
Afterlife World building simulation game Win95, MS-DOS Build your own versions of heaven and hell. Recommended as different from the average world building scenario.
Bad Mojo Adventure game IBM-PC Game with a very different perspective, you are changed into a cockroach and need to solve puzzles as a small insect. Highly recommended.
Betrayal at Krondor Role Playing game. IBM-PC Turn-based multi-character Role-playing game. Just started playing, no conclusions yet.
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars Graphic adventure game IBM-PC Beautiful graphic adventure game. Excellent sound, music, voices and puzzles. Highly recommended for intermediate to advanced adventure game players and lovers of the original Gabriel Knight.
Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror Graphic adventure game Windows 95 The worthy sequel to the original Broken Sword game. Highly recommended for intermediate to advanced gamers and fans of the original game.
Buried in Time Interactive movie Windows, Mac Interesting puzzles and good interface to this game. Strongly recommended.
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon Adventure game IBM-PC Game based on Spider Robinson's books, with much of the humour and characters intact. Very difficult puzzles, only highly recommended for the hard-core adventure game player.
The Curse of Monkey Island Graphic adventure game Windows-95 Funny graphic adventure game.
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The Dame was Loaded Detective Adventure Game DOS Realistic interactive detective game where you must solve the case of the missing man. Recommended.
Discworld Graphic adventure game. DOS, Mac Very difficult, very funny. Worth buying but save yourself frustration and find one of the online hint files to refer to. Highly recommended.
Discworld II Graphic adventure game. DOS, Win95 Not as difficult as the first game. Very funny, but the release that I have needs a patch before it runs properly. Highly recommended.
Dragon Lore Single character role-playing game DOS Interesting 3-D graphics. Gameplay is in real time, but not as irritating about it as Lands of Lore. OK.
Dungeon Keeper Strategy game DOS, Win95 You are the dungeon master. Funny in an Addam's vein. Well set out. Highly recommended.
Frankenstein Through the Eyes of the Monster Interactive movie. Windows, Mac Excellent interactive movie starring Tim Curry (105k Curry montage) as Frankenstein. It features a simple interface with some difficult puzzles and several mazes. Highly recommended.
Full Throttle Adventure game DOS, Win95 Futurist adventure game. Easy puzzles and short game. Recommended for new adventure game players if action sequences are not problem.
Gabriel Knight the Sins of the Father Graphic adventure game. DOS, Windows, Mac The puzzles in this game tend to be very good (a few are not). The atmosphere, character development and plot are great. Highly recommended.
Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within Live Action adventure game. DOS, Windows, Mac The puzzles in this game tend to be very good. The atmosphere and plot are great. Highly recommended.
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Indiana Jones and his desktop Adventures Windows Mini-Adventure Game Generator. Windows 3.1 This game generates a new world each time you begin. There are a large number of puzzles, small quests and objects, so you can play this game many times. Recommended
Jewels of the Oracle Puzzle solving game. Windows 3.1, Mac Very pretty graphics. Puzzles are non-standard brain teasers and the Oracle will give cryptic clues to solution. Recommended if you like brain teasers with an interesting atmosphere..
Lands of Lore Single character role-plying game. DOS, Windows 3.1 Real-time combat with limited options. Very linear: get this, do that and until you do, don't come back. Death is much too frequent. Not recommended.
Legends of Valour Role playing game. DOS Very slow start to the game. Persist and it will get better. If you *must* have some rpg to play, you can try this one. Not highly recommended though.
Lighthouse Adventure game. Win95 Another graphic adventure game from Sierra. Recommended for experienced adventure gamers, some difficult puzzles and sequences.
LucasArts Archive Three complete adventure games, one screen saver CD and 2 demo CDs. Some DOS, some Windows This one is worth buying if you don't already own the adventure games.
LucasArts Archive Vol III Three complete adventure games, one world building simulation, one action game, one sampler CD. Most can be played as Win95 or in MS-DOS. This one is worth buying if you don't own more than three of the games.
Might and Magic Role Playing games. IBM-PC This series is one of my favourites. Highly recommended.
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Monkey Island Graphic adventure game DOS This is an old game, well worth the $12 or so that it currently costs from the local computer software bargain bin.
Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail Interactive game with videos from the movie Windows, Mac This game combines arcade, puzzles, videos and general silliness to provide you with hours of Python type entertainment.
Moraff Software Collection Simple Desktop puzzle games Windows95, Windows3.1 A 20 game collection including Mah Jongg (and variations), Jiggler (and variations), and other classic computer games. Highly recommended for those who like Mah Jongg type games.
Mummy: Tomb of the Pharaoh Interactive movie Windows, Mac Excellent interactive movie starring Malcolm McDowell It features a simple interface with some difficult puzzles. Highly recommended for beginning to intermediate gamers.
Muppets Inside Muppet mania on CD-ROM Win95 Muppets are everywhere inside your computer. You must find them and win a number of mini-games to get things to normal again. A must for fans of The Muppet Show
Muppet Treasure Island Children's adventure Windows Game based on the MTI movie. Simple fun puzzles, silly muppet jokes, a very easy adventure game. Includes clips from the movie. Recommended family software, or for Muppet fans
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Myst Virtual world adventure Windows, Mac Myst is the first game where I really felt like I had stepped into another world. Excellent graphics, music blends well with the overall effect. Recommended highly for new adventure game players.
The Pandora Directive Virtual reality interactive movie DOS, Win95 Second in the series of interactive movies with virtual reality engines. Highly recommended! Beware these are addictive games.
Realms of Arkania: Role Playing game DOS Not yet played.
Rebel Assault Arcade game. DOS Rebel Assault is the first arcade game I've had in a long time that I've played so much. I bought the CD because of the demo version from LucasArts Archive. Recommended.
Return to Zork Adventure game DOS Started to play this. Lost interest not long after finding the other half of town and haven't played for months. Not recommended.
Riven Sequel to Myst Adventure game Win95, Macintosh Myst fans should already have a copy. Beautiful graphics, interesting world, a bit slow in gameplay. Recommended.
Shivers Adventure game Windows Nice graphics, interesting, non-linear game. Recommended.
Take Your Best Shot Games/screen savers/stuff/ Windows 3.1 Take Pong; add faces, bumpers, and some pretty silly noises when the faces get hit; and you get one of the three arcade games from this CD. Recommended for those with a weird sense of humour.
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The Even More Incredible Machine Puzzle solving game. Windows Using the *wide* variety of available pieces, solve each screen challenge. Good time killer, and you can find the passwords to get to new levels if thoroughly stuck. Recommended.
The Dig Graphic adventure game. DOS Puzzles range from easy to fairly complex. A challenge for inexperienced adventurers, it may not last long for experienced ones.
Toonstruck Graphic adventure game. DOS (recommended) Win95. Lovely cartoon world, where being slightly warped may help you along. Highly recommended for beginning adventure game players, a bit of light fluff for experienced gamers.
Ultima7 Role playing game DOS So far, I've only found the body of the murder victim in part I and talked to a few people. I'll try again, but top down role playing games generally don't let me feel as involved as those where you walk in the maze (Wizardry, Bard's Tale, Might and Magic).
Under a Killing Moon Virtual reality interactive movie DOS Another interactive movie this one with a virtual reality engine. Highly recommended but check system requirements!
Wizardry Role playing game DOS Classic role playing games. First person, up to 6 characters in a team, with turn-based combat. Recommended.
Xplora1 Windows Mac This is not a game. It does have some game elements. It has some really cool videos, interviews, and an interesting interface. I have enjoyed being in Peter Gabriel's Secret World quite a bit.
Zork Grand Inquistor Adventure game Win95 This game is much like Zork Nemesis, with easier puzzles. Highly recommended for beginning to intermediate adventurers..
Zork Nemesis Adventure game Dos Win95 This game combines interesting puzzles, beautiful scenery and wonderful music into one of the best adventure games around. Highly recommended.
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Other games I own

Sometime, these too may be rated. But not yet.

Yes, you can make a difference to this page. Thus far, I once had a comment "I'm waiting for you to review Myst." and a different time I ended up answering enough questions about Wizardry that I cut up my reply to make the base for the Wizardry page. If I've played the game enough, I'll probably write the review in a couple of days. If I haven't played the game enough, this may be an incentive. If I don't own the game, well, you'll have to wait until I have it.

A few final thoughts on games, CD-ROMS, game books, etc. can be found here. If you haven't read enough of my opinions already, plunge right in. If you seriously haven't read enough of my opinions, try some of the other pages attached to the home page.

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