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Welcome to my homepage. You are now stepping into a zone of...
oh, all right, let's just say I do have a most peculiar sense of humour (and or humor if you happen to prefer that).

You will find that this site has a lot of text with very little else. If what you really want are flash graphics and layouts, you may as well move along now. I write, but I don't draw. However, I do have friends who do draw, which may be noticable on this page. The most active part of this site is the games page, where I put personal reviews of PC games.

Personal Stuff

Lynn Alford is a net-mad maniac and computer sourceress who should not be trusted within 5 kilometres of a modem. Over-educated with one B.Sc. in Wildlife Ecology (University of Florida) and one B.Sc with Honours in Computer Science (James Cook University), this woman can be trusted to say weird things about computers and animals. More details (and a picture) are available if you really care. She is also inclined to write some very strange stuff, Care and feeding of web pages and Please Don't Feed are good examples of this tendency. Try reading the real or the programmer's version on writing software bug reports.

A puppy has been added to our household. Follow the link for the proud owner details.

A short story Gremlins is also available. If there are any signs this story is liked, I may put more of them on the site.

An additive factor here is being married to a herpetologist. There are some larger pictures of Cyclorana Gracilen Rubella three of the local frog fauna. I know far more about frog populations and ecology of tadpoles than anyone who is not studying this should.

Since starting to work in multimedia, I've also been collecting software. Not only is computer game playing a hobby of mine, but you'll find I write game reviews. Games mentioned but not reviewed yet have run into one of two problems. Either I haven't played it enough to review it or I haven't had time to type in the review. Anyone who wants to see something in the list specifically reviewed should send email accordingly. So far, two reviews have been done due to received email. All of the software is mine. I have nothing to do with any of the software companies that produced any of these packages (well, one or two people may mention that they have received a certain amount of email from me). I just enjoy seeing what can be done with computers.

Here is the homepage of my work place, the Teaching and Staff Development Program of James Cook University. I am also the Games Editor for WindoWatch.

Multimedia projects I'd like to be involved in. I think it would be quite a lot of fun to work on a project like Peter Gabriel's Xplora.

Here is a particularly pointless link.

The Alford Disclaimer

After getting several queries, I've decided to go public. I'm an Alford by marriage and a Josephson by blood. If you are truly interested in finding out who are your relations, try The Alford Family Association. The Alford family association is interested in hearing from anyone named Alford.

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What? You haven't read enough of my drivel yet? More can be found at the drivel page.

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Lynn Alford
Teaching and Staff Development Program
James Cook University
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Phone: +61 074 781 5525

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